The Knowledge Management Toolkit

Knowledge Management (KM) can be a difficult undertaking, both in terms of understanding the concepts, and practical implementation. Fortunately, a kit has emerged to ease this process considerably.

The Knowledge Management Toolkit helps you to use Knowledge Management to make sure that key decisions are taken from a fully informed position, as you build upon your existing intranet, data warehouse, and project management investment. It takes you through the needs of an enterprise KM system, from end to end, showing how each stage can serve as a foundation for later enhancements.


The Knowledge Management  Toolkit is designed to help you manage am extremely wide range of KM tasks: everything from identification of key intangibles, to calculation and maximization of ROI from the KM systems. 


It includes a range of invaluable materials, including the following titles:

  1. Knowledge Sharing (ppt presentation),
  2. The Knowledge Management Organization (ppt presentation + doc paper),
  3. Knowledge Ecomomy and KM Future (ppt presentation, doc),

Simply click on the links above to see actual samples from the kit itself.

The Knowledge Management Toolkit is designed to help you discover the best ways to align KM with business strategy, avoid major  pitfalls (such as excessive formalization and over reliance on technology), master prototyping, and understand the roles. With its hundreds of pages of practical advice, planning, review and implementation information it is an outstanding aid to anyone seriously embracing knowledge management.


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