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Introduction - Process Engineering Made Easy

As an IT Professional, you are expected to wear many hats... each one successfully! As you juggle the facets of your role, it is important to also develop your business acumen. Without good business and administrative skills, your best plans will falter. Understanding the business goals of your enterprise and ensuring that the entire team is aligned with those goals is sometimes critical to success.

This is a tall order, but fortunately, a resource has emerged to assist: The Process Engineering Toolkit! This comprehensive kit will help you to:

  • Create IT departments that are well-aligned with an organization's business objectives 
  • Understand the relationship between an IT department's responsiveness and organizational agility 
  • Set effective project priorities and keep projects running as planned 
  • Measure IT performance accurately 
  • Better manage end-user expectations 
  • Build team loyalty 
  • Stretch technology budgets
  • Improve communication with an organization's board members


The Process Engineering Toolkit 

This outstanding toolkit contains over 30 ready to use presentations:

  • Focus Interviews (Sample Pages)
    • Includes Overview,  Example of a Focus Interview, IT Interview Details, IT Interview Form, details of the Five Ways technique. 
  • Process Engineering (Sample Pages)
    • Includes items on Value Chain Analysis, Customer Requirements Analysis,  Client Archive Analysis,  Overall Process Charting,  Time Analysis, Workflow, Brown Paper Charting and Process Analysis Forms. 
  • Workgroup Skills (Sample Pages)
    • Includes presentations on Effective meetings, PS-TB, Meta Planning,Facilitation and Affinity Process.
  • IT Diagnostics (Sample Pages)
    • Includes files covering IT diagnostics, Business Alignment, Strategic Alignment, Strategic Alignment-Analysis,  Project Business Case Analysis, User Satisfaction, Financial Analysis, Activity Analysis,  Management Practices, Systems Assessment and much more.
  • Change Management (Sample Pages)
    • Includes items covering Task-Based Teams,  Understanding change,  Overcoming Resistance and Coaching. 
  • General Techniques (Sample Pages)
    • Includes items covering DILO, PDSA, KPIs,  SWOT,  Business Impact Matrices, CSIs, Pareto Charting,  RACI and more.


Purchase & Download

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