Toolkit Contents:
Focus interviews
Process Engineering
Workgroup Skills
IT Diagnostics
Change Management
General Techniques
Software Tools

General Techniques

The toolkit contains:

  • DILO Day In the Life Of analysis (20 slides)
  • PDSA Plan-Do-Study-Act: Turning data into knowledge and hence competitive advantage, through action (14 slides)
  • Best practices Benchmarking inside one company (9 slides)
  • KPI Key Performance Indicators and Performance Tracking (11 slides)
  • SWOT Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats, a general technique for competitive analysis (3 slides)
  • Business impact matrices to evaluate opportunities and issues (3 slides)
  • Role spiders a technique to describe and analyze roles and responsibilities (2 slides) 
  • Critical success factors I/S planning technique to focus attention in strategy implementation (2 slides)
  • Pareto charting the 80/20 rule (3 slides)
  • Organisation development Quick and Simple Management and Organisation Development (7 slides)
  • Cause-effect diagram Quality management, also known as Ishikawa or fishbone diagram (2 slides)
  • Core competencies Strategy definition, more based on own strengths than on competitor analysis (3 slides)
  • RACI Responsibility Charting (21 slides)

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