Toolkit Contents:
Focus interviews
Process Engineering
Workgroup Skills
IT Diagnostics
Change Management
General Techniques
Software Tools

IT Diagnostics

The toolkit contains the following items:

  • Overview of IT diagnostics (5 slides)
  • Business Alignment diagnostics about the alignment between business and IT
    • Strategic Alignment to determine how well IT goals, objectives and activities are in alignment with Company business strategies and objectives (18 slides)
    • Strategic Alignment-Form the questionnaire (7 pages)
    • Strategic Alignment-Analysis the spreadsheet (1 spreadsheet)
    • Initiatives Assessment to analyze and assess the alignment of the key IT initiatives with the business and IT strategies (15 slides)
    • Initiatives Assessment-Form the questionnaire (4 pages)
    • Initiatives-Analysis the spreadsheet (1 spreadsheet)
    • Project Business Cases Analysis of Business Cases for IT Projects (9 slides)
    • User Satisfaction to assess how satisfied the customer base is with the level of service being provided by IT (17 slides)
    • User Satisfaction-Form the questionnaire (4 pages)
    • User Satisfaction-Analysis the spreadsheet (extensive spreadsheet with charts)
    • Financial Analysis to identify how much the IT organization and its customers are spending (28 slides)
  • IT Organisation and Processes diagnostics related to the IT function
    • Activity Analysis to provide quantifiable information on the use of IT staffing resources (17 slides)
    • Activity Analysis-Form (2 pages)
    • Project Review to determine the time, effort, risk, management and quality of IT projects (12 slides)
    • Project Review-Form (18 pages)
    • Management Practices how is the IT department managed? (12 slides)
    • Management Practices-Form (14 pages)
    • Tools and Methods to assess the state of the delivery environment (10 slides)
    • IT Service Unit Analysis assessment of cost, way to work and technology used (16 slides)
  • Systems Assessment diagnostics on applications and the technical infrastructure
    • System Manager Interview A standard interview questionnaire for the IT Manager (4 pages)
    • Systems Analysis (2 spreadsheets)
    • Quality Summary analysis of FQ and TQ of IT systems (27 slides)
    • Functional Quality-Form (7 pages)
    • Functional Quality-Analysis (3 spreadsheets)
    • Technical Quality-Form (6 pages)
    • Technical Quality-Analysis (1 spreadsheet)
    • Systems Architecture assess how effectively the architecture supports the value chain and the business processes (22 slides)
    • Technical Environment Identify and communicate the "As Is" Technical Environment and assess its ability to enable applications software to meet changing business need (11 slides)


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