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Focus interviews
Process Engineering
Workgroup Skills
IT Diagnostics
Change Management
General Techniques
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Process Engineering

The toolkit contains the following items:

  • Value chain analysis disaggregates a firm into its strategically relevant activities in order to understand the behavior of costs and the existing and potential sources of differentiation (4 slides)
  • Customer requirements analysis a method for analyzing and describing customer requirements for the process (3 slides)
  • Client archive analysis to determine the flow time of processes by using records in client archive (2 slides)
  • Overall process charting gives a high level view of what a company is doing (10 slides)
  • Process walkthrough a method to gain knowledge about the cross-functional / customer oriented perspective of a process (2 slides)
  • Time analysis as a basis for generating new ideas for process designs (3 slides)
  • Change profile describes the AS-IS situation, the Early Wins as well as the intermediate and final TO-BEs (6 slides)
  • Process analysis forms to gather a lot of information about processes (10 slides)
  • Workflow The use of workflow in Process Development workflow demo (41 slides)
  • Brown Paper Charting a workshop to describe and discuss how processes work (24 slides)
  • Brown Paper Fair an event that mobilizes the client organization (6 slides)

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