Our Guarantee
The Balanced Score Toolkit is described extremely accurately on this website. There are no gray areas: we pride ourselves on the honest representation of the products we sell.

How can I purchase the product?
You can purchase using most common credit cards through the secure server.

What happens after I have purchased?
You will usually be presented with download details on the final web page of the purchase process. If a manual check on the transaction is required (by your bank for instance) the information will be sent by email. You will also be offered a formal printable receipt when you have purchased.  

Why are the prices so cheap?
By selling online, we keep our overheads low. In addition, we embrace the ethos of good value for the customer (you!).

I downloaded the product, but I can't seem to open it. What do I do?
Email us directly and we will resolve this..

How do I download my product?
Click on the link on the download page and your browser will ask you to save the zip file. Take note of the file name and the directory where the file will be saved. You will then be able to unzip, and access all the product files and documents.