ITIL Books

The ITIL Books

In total, ITIL currently comprises eight volumes (or 'ITIL Sets'), although this is under review. The details for these are as follows:

Service Delivery. ISBN 0113300174
The purpose of Service Delivery is to show the links and the principal relationships between all the Service Management and other Infrastructure Management processes.

Service Support.
This book covers the advice provided in the five core disciplines on service support. It covers: change management; configuration management; help desk management; problem management; software release and rollout; and an explanation of the links between the disciplines.

Planning to Implement Service Management.

Security Management.
Explains how to organise and maintain the management of security of the IT infrastructure, from the IT managers point of view.

ICT Infrastructure Management.
Covers network service management, operations management , management of local processors, computer installation and acceptance and systems management.

The Business Perspective.
Seeks to ensure that Best Practice flows from Information Services provision into the organisation as a whole.

Application Management.
Covers the software development life cycle and provides details on business change with the emphasis on clear requirement definitions and implementation to meet business users' needs.

Software Asset Management.
Contains guidelines which explain the key issues involved in software asset management based on industry best practices, and can be tailored to suit any organisation, regardless of size.



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ITIL Bookshops
The ITIL Volumes can be obtained from most majort online suppliers, including Amazon and B&N.