ITIL, ITSM and ISO20000

The ISO20000 Standard

In a nutshell this is the international standard fir ITSM (IT Service management). It's publication, in 2005, was a hugely significant development, as it is certainly going to become a major influence on the ITSM landscape.

ISO20000 comprises two documents:

Information technology - Service management - Specification

Information technology - Service management - Code of practice

It is the former of these two against which formal, organizational, certification is available. Again, the existance of a certification route for the enterprise is a major driver, as it potnetially acts as a market differentiator.

As with many international standards, the ISO documents are in fact based upon earlier publications by BSI. In this case, the original ITSM standards were BS15000-1 and BS15000-2.



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ISO20000 Abstracts
ISO20000-1 promotes the adoption of an integrated process approach to effectively deliver managed services to meet business and customer requirements. For an organization to function effectively it has to identify and manage numerous linked activities.

ISO20000-2:2005 represents an industry consensus on guidance to auditors and offers assistance to service providers planning service improvements or to be audited against ISO20000-1.