ITIL Certification

ITIL Certification

ITIL supports a formal training, examination and certification scheme for the individual. There are three levels of certification available:

The ITIL Foundation Certificate
Offers a foundation level of knowledge in ITSM and is intended for those who wish to become familiar with the best practices for ITSM.

The ITIL Practitioners Certificate
This is intended for those who are responsible for designing specific processes within the ITSM discipline, and performing the activities that belong to those processes.

The ITIL Managers Certificate
This is intended for those who need to demonstrate a capability for managing ITIL-based solutions across the Service Management subjects.

There is also certification offered in Application Management (Certificate in ITIL Application Management Essentials) and Infrastructure Management (The ITIL Managers Certificate in Infrastructure Management).



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ITIL Badges
For each of the three main ITIL certifications, a 'badge' is awarded, being a different colour for each level. The colours are as follows:
ITIL Foundation = Green Badge
ITIL Practitioner = Blue Badge
ITIL Manager = Red Badge