BS 25999

BS 25999 (BS25999) Standard for Business Continuity Management

Many would argue that a standard for business continuity management was well overdue. It certainly was. The publication schedule for BSI's series of continuity standards is therefore a welcome sight. Two standards will actually form the BS 25999 series, and replace PAS56, which itself was a publicly available paper published in 2003, partly for comment.

The BS 25999 series will include two standards, as follows:
- BS 25999-1:2006 Code of Practice for BCM
- BS 25999-2:2006 A Specification for BCM.

The former is most closely aligned with PAS56, although it is the latter against which certification will eventually be awarded. The approach broadly views the relationships of BCM through the organization as follows (from PAS56):

BS 25999 View of Relationships

Publication Dates
Following a lengthy period of consultation, including widescale circulation of a a Draft for Public Comment (DPC), BSI published BS 25999-1 in November 2006. BS25999-2 will be published at the end of 2007 (provisional).

Access to the Standard
BS25999 has been made available through a small number of BSI outlets. It is also available as part of the BS25999 Toolkit, which was constructed specifically to support the standards (note that this is not a W3J kit).



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BS 25999 Scope
BS25999 is intended for those responsible for "business operations and the continuity of such operations" (from chief executives through all levels of the organization itself)

BS 25999-1: Provide a basis for understanding, developing and implementing business continuity within an organization; provide confidence in B2B and B2C relationships

BS 25999-2: Specify the requirements for "establishing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving a documented BCM system within the context of an organizationís overall business risks", and for the implementation of continuity controls customized to the needs of specific organization.

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